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Hot off the press!  Here is my Farmyard Friends Easy Reader Series:



From inside one of the books:

Out of all my books, I think I get the most email about TJ Trapper.  ABDO asked me to write a series about bullying and it was a challenge.  I kept wondering how I'd get my message across without being preachy?  That was always a worry.  Kids love this series and so do teachers.  TJ is a fourth grader so I've always been a bit surprised when I hear from ELL Teachers of much older kids who use this series with their students.  Last year, I had a girl send me a Halloween picture: she dressed up as Ethan, TJ's best friend, with a basketball uniform, black eye and scratches!  I adore Gary's covers!  I read at least one of these to my Fabo Firsties every year and my colleague reads them to her fifth graders...a series that truly can span grade levels.

Avery, Bree, Esha, and Jaelyn- the Core Four- are ready for a perfect summer at Storm Cliff Stables!


Here is Set Two of Storm Cliff Stables: Ainsley, Ryleigh, Khadija, and Cassidy- the Four Horsekateers- are back at camp and ready to ride!   It was so much fun to revisit the series!

I was asked to write The Pony Girls Series after the success of Storm Cliff Stables.  The Pony Girls are chapter books for the younger kids...Carly, Daniela, Gabriela and Kianna are 8 years old.
I recently found out that these 4 books are also available in SPANISH! 



My husband, John, and I wrote a Time Travel Series together called The Art of Time Travel.  The design of these books are incredibly clever and I swoon every time I crack one open.  Books are like aren't supposed to pick a favorite.  But, to be honest, I think the best book I ever wrote was
about Ella Fitzgerald: Get Ella to the Apollo. Challenging but crazy fun to not only write a Time Travel book, but to write with John.  Also in the series: Monet, Shakespeare, and Mary


Here are My Katharine the Almost Great Books!  My first books for ABDO!!  I was thrilled when they asked for a second set the following year!

This Peanuts Guide was my first book!  I was lucky to have the opportunity to write it for Scholastic with John who is a huge Peanuts fan! Although you couldn't buy it in stores, it was available in Scholastic's Book Club flyer as a "Club" book.  That means that the series was delivered to your home throughout the year.  Growing up, I loved ordering from the Scholastic Book Order and can still remember the first books I ever ordered: The Five Chinese Brothers and Mother, Mother I Feel Sick, Send for the Doctor Quick, Quick, Quick.
When it came out, I was a librarian at Liberty Corner School in Basking Ridge, NJ. Lots of my students rushed to see me when they got their order form and shouted, "You're famous!"  I wasn't famous but seeing my book in the Scholastic flyer made me feel like a rock star!

John and I also wrote The Johnstown Flood together.  John is an ace researcher and history buff.  Me?  I'm an ace writer!  :)  Perfect together! This book is Choose Your Own Ending Style.  

I was a cheerleader growing up and was a Coach when my daughter started cheering.  So, when the opportunity came up to write a  cheerleading nonfiction series, I couldn't pass it up!

I did 17 adaptations of classics.  Here are a few of them:

When I was a media specialist, I saw a very cool series by Gibbs Smith about outdoor activities.  They didn't have a beach book and since I grew up at the shore, I thought I was the perfect one to write it!  I proposed the book, wrote an outline, and got the call about four months later!  Yippee!

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